Im Lynette, owner of Lynette Lashes. I'm excited to be able to give you the perfect lash style for your eye shape. I specialize in applying lash extensions one natural lash at a time. I make sure to add minimum glue so that your lashes don't break and/or become damage.  With proper application, your lashes will continue to grow healthy and naturally.  With lash extensions you no longer have to apply mascara or use an eye curler. This will save you time getting ready each morning to start your day. 

        Lash sessions can last up to 2 hours depending on requested service. At each lash session you will lay down and relax. Once confirmed that your lashes are healthy enough to continue then i will begin adding lashes. Based on your lashes and length, i will help decide what lengths and lash curl is best for you. 

     At the end of each session i may or may not take photos for my porfolio. I will give you a free lash brush so you can brush through your lashes daily and keep them clean. Please check out my online store to purchase "Lash Bath" wash.

          Please click on the "MY Work" tab to see work of different lash styles.  I do run promotions so check under "specials" to see ways to save today!

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Send gift cards to your friends and family instantly! At the end of your appointment all i need is the gift card number. The card will then be automatically stored under your name at checkout. I will let you know of any remaining balances after your service. You can always add more money to the gift card on file when ever you like. 

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Lash Styles & Pricing

What type of lash style do you prefer? Classic is a very natural look where 1 false lash is applied to 1 natural lash. This is great if you have a lot of lashes but just want extra length.  $110

With volume lashes your adding 2-10 lashes per each natural lash. They are very light weight and will not damage your lashes. If you have gaps in your lashes then i recommend volume or hybrids to cover it up. Who doesn't love a dramatic look?   $145

Hybrid is just a combination of both classic and volume. It's a light volume set.  $120


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