Be on time!

Some days i have back to back appointments. Please be on time so we don't take time away from the next client. 


No call No show:



Update: As of 12/1/2018 you now have to put in your credit card info to HOLD your appointment on the booking site. If you are at least 15 minutes late and choose not to notify me then ill mark you as a no show and your card is charged $30. If somehow your credit card is declined then you will not be able to make another appointment with me as i have no time for games.


If you need to cancel then please do so at least 3 hours before your appointment. The system will not let you cancel if its less than 3 hours before your appointment. Please just text me to cancel and ill take care of it at no charge. At least i know what to expect. This gives others enough time to come in and get lashed. You will get a text reminder 4 hours before your scheduled appointment. You can always cancel or reschedule through link within the text.


If you Purchased any outside Vouchers, they will be considered as REDEEMED if you are a no call no show after 15 minutes. 


Thank you