classic .15 in D curls

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13.00 USD

Premium Silk mink Lashes Very soft lashes and they hold their curls. They come in lengths 8-18mm single trays (12rows) 1.mix tray with lengths 9-15mm (1 row 9mm, 2 rows 10mm, 2rows 11mm, 3 rows 12mm, 3 rows 13mm, 3 row 14mm, 2 rows 15mm (16rows total) 2. MIX TRAY of 12-15mm or 15-18mm now available. 4rows of each length. That’s 16 rows per tray! 3. mix tray of 8-10mm comes with 4 rows of each length. (12 rows total) 4. New! Mix tray 8-11mm comes with 4 rows each length (16 rows total) 5. Mix tray 8-14mm. (1 row 8mm, 2 rows 9mm, w rows 10mm, 2 rows 11mm, 2 row 12mm, 2 rows 13mm, 1 row 14mm). 12 rows total

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